Patients reviews

Very friendly people.

Martha S. | May 26, 2023

Prompt & very thorough

Pamela P. | May 19, 2023

Receptionist was very friendly and Thd Techcs That took care of me very polite and friendly Dr Explained Everything zvery Well Wer I Understood Everything And Felt Very Comfortable I Recommend And Give 10 out of 10

Carmen M. | May 16, 2023

Treated well. Wait time for primary Dr. Was almost an hour past appt. time.

Frank P. | May 11, 2023

Everyone there in the office treated me with smiles and courtesy, Dr Swarup explain everything to me in detail about my condition, and prepared me with getting my blood pressure down and taking control of my health at age 62, Arizona heart rhythm, center did a thorough job, and I would highly recommend them.

Marvin S. | May 11, 2023

Very good this time Excelent

Kenneth L. | May 06, 2023

They took time to understand my health concerns and work with me on a future plan of action. Explained to me well about what occurred in the past with my device.

Mark O. | May 06, 2023

Dr. Zoltowska is very thorough, explains things well, pleasant to work with, listens to concerns and addresses issues in a timely manner. Entire staff very nice to work with. Very satisfied. Marilyn Skovgard

Marilyn S. | May 05, 2023

Always quick and efficient. Dr. T seems very knowledgeable and easy to talk to.

Mark M. | May 02, 2023

Very good ‘telemed’ appointment with Dr. and staff.

Michael S. | May 02, 2023

Dr Swarup promises to use the highest quality super glue when he repairs my veins. What more could anyone ask for?

William J. | May 01, 2023

Timely professional and helpful.

Frank B. | Apr 30, 2023

Very good!! staff and Dr 5 stars

Mark N. | Apr 27, 2023

Always listens, spends necessary time to resolve issues

Evelyn H. | Apr 26, 2023

I’ve had 5 cardiologists at AZ Heart in 5 years. So far Dr. T. is the most proactive and thorough. Which means he’ll probably be leaving.

Milan N. | Apr 25, 2023

Dr. Swarup listen to my problems patiently and suggested a solution that has not been presented to me by my current Cardiologist.

John B. | Apr 24, 2023

Very profesional,Dr.thank you and congrats.

Alejandro R. | Apr 14, 2023

Prompt and efficient

Ronald P. | Apr 14, 2023


Donald S. | Apr 12, 2023

The staff and the doctors are caring and professional. The listen and actual care about your thoughts.

John S. | Apr 08, 2023

Best Service ever

Madonna V. | Apr 08, 2023

Friendly front desk and staff! Dr T was not rushing me like a lot of dr’s do. He took the time to explain things thoroughly and helped cut the tension with some levity as well. He answered all of my questions and made sure we had a plan that I understood. Absolutely fantastic all around!

John O. | Apr 08, 2023

Providers are excellent, however, the wait time is less than desirable!

Suzanne P. | Apr 08, 2023

I am always impressed with this office and support staff. They are helpful, smart and friendly. I have referred many people to Dr Swarup's office. And Dr T that I saw this time was smooth and and thoughtful. He is Concerned for my Health. Perfect. Gary Ammann

Gary A. | Apr 06, 2023

Dr. Zowltowska listened to my concerns about taking Statins and did thorough testing before we were able to rule them out. I appreciate her listening to my needs and concerns. I highly recommend her.

Cherie R. | Apr 05, 2023

Dr. Swarup has alway had my best care in mind and has always come through for me. This time was great again. Thank you and your staff for doing such a great job!

Armindo C. | Apr 03, 2023

Dr. Swarup was very thorough and answered all my questions.

Steven H. | Apr 03, 2023

I’ve been seeing Dr Swarup for the last 12 years and would highly recommend him to anyone.

Brianna B. | Apr 02, 2023

We talked about my treatment and what steps will be taken in the future. I appreciate the open dialog between myself and Dr. Swaurp.

Michael G. | Apr 02, 2023

He moved my appointment up and appreciated his review of my Heart Monitor statistics.

Robert V. | Apr 02, 2023

Very professional and informative - excellent Doctor.

Joe J. | Mar 29, 2023

Professional, efficient, personable.

James P. | Mar 28, 2023

All good

Robert M. | Mar 26, 2023

Very professional and informative visit. Dr Z went above and beyond to get the results for my clinical trial.

Barbara C. | Mar 25, 2023

She was very thorough with me took her time with me and made sure I understood. I felt very comfortable with her

Scott D. | Mar 25, 2023

Thorough and professional in every aspect of the practice.

Connie T. | Mar 23, 2023

Dr T. Is in class above. Office and staff efficiency surpasses every other office I have visited. I have lived with chronic atrial fib for 39 years, and treated by more than 10 cardiologist / EP's. I am now in sinus rhythm! Dr. T is an answer to prayer!

Robert K. | Mar 20, 2023

To the point, gave alternatives, answered questions.

Davis T. | Mar 12, 2023

Great doctor experience.

Gale B. | Mar 11, 2023

Very informative and professional. I did a telemedicine call because I am 3 hours away. Worked smooth as silk.

Gary L. | Mar 11, 2023


Dian R. | Mar 10, 2023

The whole practice is very professional, I noticed the big volume of incoming phone calls and still they immediately make eye contact to aknowledge you arrived. Quick check in, very accurate on taking care of you in your appointment time. Dr.'s assistants are very professional corteous and committed, left my Dr. Zoltowska last but not least, it is very refreshing find a young professional so committed and dedicated, not only in discussing your health issues and options in treatment but showing a genuine care. In sum, I am lucky to have such an extraordinary team of professionals in a scale of 5 stars you guys have my 10 ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆!

George O. | Mar 08, 2023

New patient. Received ultra sound and monitor

Saul S. | Mar 08, 2023

Fast, good staff, thorough exam

Richard S. | Mar 06, 2023

You have to wait because Dr. Swarup spends so much time with his patients.

Christina W. | Mar 04, 2023

Good. They’re always plesant

Bonnie T. | Mar 04, 2023

Direct, to the point assistance. Always quick response with phone inquiries. Great at keeping to scheduled appointment time.

Irene L. | Feb 28, 2023

Everything was great

James S. | Feb 27, 2023

Roger G. | Feb 26, 2023

Receptive to your input, really listens, immaculate note taking.

Stacey P. | Feb 24, 2023

Was very nice speaking to Dr. T for the first time I answered all my questions and look forward to also having me as his patient along with Dr. SWARUP I very highly recommend these doctors to anyone I was also very satisfied with Lauren thank you .

Judie P. | Feb 23, 2023

Very professional

Phillip E. | Feb 21, 2023

Excelent service, Dr T is compassion with his patients and great bilingual team.

Humberto G. | Feb 21, 2023


Brian S. | Feb 20, 2023


Dennis G. | Feb 18, 2023

Dr was to the point and knowledgeable about what we needed. Scheduled procedures quickly- less than a week- feeling hopeful

James M. | Feb 18, 2023

Everything went well

Eugenia S. | Feb 08, 2023

Great time with Dr.T and all of his staff

Paul U. | Feb 07, 2023

Excellent care. Issues well explained

William H. | Feb 05, 2023

Very professional, not a long wait

William G. | Feb 04, 2023

Dr Swarup checked on all my vitals and how I was feeling and he is concerned how I’m doing and wants to see what’s happening and not just give me another pill

Dixie L. | Feb 04, 2023

He was very good. Administrative telephone experience, not so good.

Donald M. | Feb 04, 2023

Very friendly, professional and thorough.

Tammy W. | Feb 02, 2023

We enjoyed the visit. I was very informative.

Levi G. | Feb 01, 2023

Doctor and staff are great. Admin —not

Donald M. | Jan 31, 2023

Love tele appts. Dr T is great answering any questions.

Loretta V. | Jan 31, 2023

Professional and friendly, never felt rushed

Ruben M. | Jan 31, 2023

Very professional, knowledgeable, and likeable.

Michael M. | Jan 31, 2023

Dr. T is a clear, comforting, knowledgeable presence for patients — he is unwilling to give an incomplete impression of the matter you're dealing with. Instead, he will offer knowledge of options, sound reasoning, and appropriate levity. I appreciate his advice and have no doubts he has helped me solve my would-be medical mystery.

David Y. | Jan 28, 2023

Good doctor

James D. | Jan 28, 2023

Management efficient✅dr Swarup very personable & thinks thoroughly only about your case…not distracted while you are with him..his suggestions done in a friendly and informed way…btw…he can watch your progress and and make successful decisions for YOU

Mirriam J. | Jan 27, 2023

Good question

Peter M. | Jan 26, 2023

Dr.was detailed gave results of test and what he was finding and option for future.

Evelyn H. | Jan 24, 2023


Rudolph F. | Jan 22, 2023

Dr. Swarup and his staff are very considerate and extremely attentive to their patients. Always on time with minimal waiting and yet he never rushes his patients. He is always willing to lend a listening ear and seems to have the right solution that fits.

Jeffery S. | Jan 21, 2023

Dr Swarup really listens to my concerns and takes action.

Tammy B. | Jan 21, 2023

Such a great doctor who takes his time to listen and talk with you!

Deana S. | Jan 21, 2023

An Enjoyable Medical experience and very reasonable and clear recommendations.

Larry V. | Jan 21, 2023


Virginia T. | Jan 16, 2023

Great care…. But long wait for appointment.

Ernestina G. | Jan 15, 2023

everything as usual and expected

Burton G. | Jan 15, 2023


Mario A. | Jan 15, 2023

Very Friendly listened to everything i had to say / took her time with me, i never felt rushed / answered all my questions / hope she stays

Diane B. | Jan 14, 2023

The staff is always wonderful and Dr Swarup was almost on time. He is a great dr and I appreciate his concern for my health

Dona C. | Jan 14, 2023

He is a very good Doctor and very helpful.

Randy P. | Jan 11, 2023

Dr t was amazing, he listened and didn’t just rush me out

Imari M. | Jan 10, 2023

Great front office staff, wonderful staff in the back as well. And of course Dr. “T” is wonderful. He’s one of my favorite doctors, he takes his time to explain things and answers all my questions. He’s very thorough and I don’t feel as if I’m being rushed through my appointment. So glad my cardiologist referred his office.

Janet P. | Jan 10, 2023


Sharyll S. | Jan 10, 2023


Michael S. | Jan 10, 2023

On a 1 to 10. 10 being the highest I would give him a 10.

Stuart M. | Jan 07, 2023

All aspects of my contact have been acceptable.

Karl H. | Jan 07, 2023

Pleased with the response to questions in a timely manner

Bessie S. | Jan 04, 2023

My first intro to Dr. Zoltowska. She was very professional and clear to the point on my heart monitor results. I appreciated her feedback and she answered all of my questions. Thank you.

Karen N. | Dec 31, 2022

She takes the time to explain my test results in a way that I could understand. I would recommend her.

Gary D. | Dec 30, 2022

Great, I really liked her.

Donald O. | Dec 29, 2022

Always pleasant. Good explanations.

Doris H. | Dec 27, 2022

The appointment was timed well and Al issues were addressed.

Michael H. | Dec 27, 2022

Dr. Swarup covered everything concerning my loop recorder readings and one episode back in September 2022, discussion how I have been feeling health wise, and scheduling my next appointment.

Robert C. | Dec 26, 2022

Dr Swarup is truly a great heart doctor. He listens to my concerns and answers my questions.

Barbara C. | Dec 26, 2022

Professional, knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and more.

James W. | Dec 26, 2022

On time & complete

Lloyd W. | Dec 24, 2022

He was understanding and very informing .

Leroy Z. | Dec 24, 2022

Dr T is always an understandable and caring Dr. He explains everything very clearly thanks

Brian D. | Dec 24, 2022

She was positive and answered questions. Great rapport.

Patricia F. | Dec 23, 2022

I was impressed with ho well prepared Dr Zoltowska was for our meeting. She was knowledgeable and responsive to my needs. I look forward to a long Dr. - patient relationship.

James M. | Dec 23, 2022

Great job

Yehia H. | Dec 22, 2022

Dr. SWARUP and his staff are always professional and easy to talk to about any problems I may have.

Sherry A. | Dec 22, 2022

Dr Swarup is simply the best. I have several doctors but none better. He’s very detailed in outlining your heart and any issues. I’ve seen him six years. I’m a very fit 57 year old but have a family of heart disease. No one I trust more.

James C. | Dec 22, 2022

Dr. Takes the time to listen to my questions and give me detailed answers I can understand. His care is thoughtful and complete. An excellent physical.

John K. | Dec 21, 2022

Dr was very informative

Susan B. | Dec 21, 2022

They were able to get me in the next day for new rapid heart beat. Dr Swarup was very thorough and explained things well. Great Doctor!

Pamela S. | Dec 19, 2022

We were able to work out a time for a small procedure sooner than expected. I appreciated his concern about the timing of things as I am scheduled for breast cancer surgery in a little over two weeks. Left me with a good feeling.

Jeri C. | Dec 18, 2022

After the visit I was quite releived from the findings

S. Leonard A. | Dec 17, 2022

Staff all very professional. Dr Zoltowska very through with question and test results. Listened and suggested treatment and explained all. Took time and not hurried by any mean to assure treatment . Thank you

Dana Eugene E. | Dec 17, 2022

Amazing! I thank Dr. Swarup, my anesthesiologist Jacob and the WHOLE TEAM FOR EVERYTHING. They made it all easy. Thank you Lord for placing me in great hands

Alissa E. | Dec 17, 2022

I was happy to get a same day phone call from dr Swarup for a medication concern

Janice C. | Dec 16, 2022

Dr. Swarup is a highly knowledgeable and gifted cardiologist. I’m grateful to have him as my cardiologist.

Alissa E. | Dec 14, 2022

What an exceptional experience with Dr. Swarup. He sits patiently and goes over with utmost diligence the plan of care and lab results. Truly happy with his knowledge and support.

Ovidiu B. | Dec 14, 2022

It was just a telemed visit

Jerry Y. | Dec 14, 2022

Good conversations.

Shirley H. | Dec 14, 2022


Sally H. | Dec 11, 2022

Only if u see Dr swarup

Diane G. | Dec 08, 2022

Dr. T was very thorough, listened and answered all my questions, friendly and professional.

Frank S. | Dec 07, 2022

didn't have to wait long and Dr. Swarup was wonderful and decided what for me to do on meds....He is a great , caring doctor

Vaudean W. | Dec 04, 2022

Good, professional staff

Richard S. | Dec 02, 2022

The visit was as expected. But Today, I have an issue that needs to be addressed, waiting for a reply from a PA. My heart is in a fast beat and it’s reading in 180’s ! I’m waiting for someone to call me back on what I can do to help my situation.

Ava S. | Nov 29, 2022

Professional and friendly staff. Knowledgeable and personable doctor

Julie T. | Nov 28, 2022

It was a little hard to understand her.

Francis S. | Nov 25, 2022

I had a problem with orthostatic hypotension that needed immediate attention and they got me an appointment that day. When I got to the office, they took me right into an examination room. The nurse took my vitals and Dr. T came right in. He was familiar with my rather complicated medical history even though this was the first time he had seen me. He suggested various things to try above and beyond what I had been doing. He listened carefully to what I had to tell him. I went home feeling less anxious.

Thomas P. | Nov 25, 2022

Answered all my questions.

Mary F. | Nov 24, 2022

Takes the time to listen.

Robert B. | Nov 21, 2022

I'm always satisfied

Gerald A. | Nov 21, 2022


Scott C. | Nov 19, 2022

Very good.

Harold B. | Nov 16, 2022

I am deeply grateful for Dr T and the wonderful staff. They were wonderful to me. They squeezed me in and I felt so well cared for. Thank you so much for the great care.

Susan L. | Nov 15, 2022

Was great

Wayne A. | Nov 15, 2022

Dr. T is the most caring knowledgeable doctor I have ever known!

William W. | Nov 14, 2022

Excellent care. The best.

Stephen H. | Nov 11, 2022

Had to wait hours for the doctor to arrive.

Jimmie W. | Nov 11, 2022

I’m a three year patient of Dr Swarup. He is the best - professional, very knowledgeable, really works with his patient. I’ve had several procedures and trust him completely.

Janet L. | Nov 06, 2022

First time visit with Dr. Thihalolipavan. Took the time to call my Cardio Doctor while I was in the office to discuss my disposition. I have never had a doctor take the time to do that, and I appreciate the transparency during the conversation. Mannerisms and sincere concern towards my treatment was very obvious. He gained my trust.

Stephen L. | Nov 06, 2022

Service keeps good track of monitoring, reminders are helpful.

James W. | Nov 05, 2022

Great office exam with Dr. Swarup & his support staff plus being able to see my medical information on whiteboard. Dr. Swarup was patient & explained my new treatment plan in details so I was able to understand. Had to wait over one hour from my appointment time to see him; which create issues with my Complimentry YMCA rides to AHRC in the future.

Wanda Y. | Nov 04, 2022

It. Was. Vary. Goo!!!

Poppy K. | Nov 04, 2022

Always exceptional professional attention. The very best!

Gary G. | Nov 03, 2022

Dr. Is very professional and knowledgeable

Jon W. | Oct 30, 2022

Dr Swarup aways takes care of me.

Sharon J. | Oct 29, 2022

Long waits

Linda S. | Oct 29, 2022

very informative

James F. | Oct 27, 2022

Dr Z was excellent. Great on details and thorough with her questions. Very pleasant.

Edward G. | Oct 26, 2022

Excellent experience. Really took seriously my preventative care and took the time to answer my questions.

Howard H. | Oct 21, 2022

Dr Thihalolipavan (Dr T) Is an excellent listener. He explains things in lay terms so you can best understand your condition. Highly Recommended.

Kent D. | Oct 20, 2022

Dr T explains results in layman’s terms. Answers questions re plan forward and followup

Loretta V. | Oct 19, 2022

The staff was really good and the doctor listing and answered the questions that's great

John K. | Oct 19, 2022

He answered all my questions and explained my test results simply

Loretta V. | Oct 17, 2022

Dr. Swarup has helped me numerous times. He has saved my life a few times. He always takes time to listen to my concerns and does what he can to help me feel better. I highly recommend him.

Larue G. | Oct 16, 2022

He had some good facts for me....

Bruce W. | Oct 12, 2022

Dr. Zoltowska and the entire staff were professional, friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and patient. We left the office confident, clear and happy to make this group our cardiology team of choice.

Michael K. | Oct 12, 2022

Had a great experience with everybody

John K. | Oct 12, 2022

Very thorough and personal.

Connie T. | Oct 11, 2022

Good, as always.

Jerome E. | Oct 10, 2022

Short wait, very pleasant staff and Dr Swarup friendly and answers all questions

Nancy S. | Oct 09, 2022

I made my appointment to see Dr Swarup but I was seen by Dr Zoltowska. I was treated very well by her. I just don’t anticipate the switch of Doctors.

Craig S. | Oct 07, 2022

Very Good

Alba R. | Oct 06, 2022

Real Good

Alba R. | Oct 05, 2022

Old school MD. Thorough on PE and actually listens to your concerns.

Franz A. | Oct 05, 2022

Dr Swarup has an incredible kind and caring bedside manner. He makes me feel like I’m the only patient that day! He is easy to understand and always clears any questions I may have for him. He’s the best. However the entire staff is also very professional and caring. ❤️

Karen V. | Sep 29, 2022

Very pleasant.

Patricia S. | Sep 25, 2022

Very pleasant

Paul U. | Sep 21, 2022

Very professional

James S. | Sep 20, 2022

Very satisfying!

John J M. | Sep 18, 2022

Outstanding EP doctor

Gary T. | Sep 17, 2022


Claire W. | Sep 16, 2022

Doc Swarup explained in detail how to qualify and apply for the admission to the "Amulet"test program . Randomly a computer selects the patient's participation by having either the Amulet inserted in the LAA or be on the Eliquis blood thinner (forever). I expressed my reluctance to be on a test program sponsored by a pharmaceutical co. Also Doc informed me that the info on the websites of Watchman and Amulet re. tissue regeneration that will cover the left atrium appendage in 45 days and therefore eliminates a long term blood thinner. He stated that's not true, which led me to believe that a blood thinner is a necessity forever after the the Amulet insertion. I thought about it and at this point decline to apply for the test program and will not take the Eliquis but instead depend on my intake of natural blood thinners contained in some of the vitamins I take. Thank you. Pieter Verhoef

Pieter V. | Sep 16, 2022

It’s reassuring to leave heart issues in the hands of the best. Thanks, Dr. Swarup.

Deborah M. | Sep 10, 2022


Wilbert D. | Sep 10, 2022

Every one is always pleasant and Dr Swarup and Dr T always take the time to answer questions.

William O. | Sep 04, 2022

Very professional and knowledgeable. Also very personal

Ronald R. | Sep 04, 2022

I like the efficiency of the technology. The video conferencing and display add to the communication and understanding.

Diedrich F. | Sep 03, 2022

It was a great experience day they are really good in explaining everything I would recommend this to others

Martine J. | Sep 03, 2022

Very informative and thorough discussion with Dr. Z. She’s very kind and listened to me. Very pleased with this office and Dr. Swarup. Thank you for great care. Jane Westlund

Jane W. | Sep 03, 2022

He was very responsive personally when my husband called with my crisis. And my followup shortly after was not rushed, addressed both of our questions and concerns. Very personable and caring doctor.

Brenda D. | Aug 28, 2022

Out side of being there @ 1 00 for my 12:50 appointment things went south after seeing the doctor and had to wait in the room until sometime around 3:00 for " pictures of my heart". I heard someone say is there some one named Cheryl waiting? There was a shuffling sound and a gasp. (Audible) It took only a few minutes to realize they had skipped over me. When the technician came to the door she said " I am so sorry you have been waiting a long time. Still I have faith in the Doctor and trust this won't happen to anyone else. I know they were busy but my time is valuable to me too.

Cheryl G. | Aug 27, 2022

Overall very good.

Barbara C. | Aug 27, 2022

The. Surgery experience was great. Caring people. Dr Swarup is exceptional. The follow up visit: we waited 1.5 hours before we saw Dr Swarup. The interaction was great but the wait was awful.

Mark B. | Aug 27, 2022

Dr. Swarup is the best doctor. He has given us healing care and we are grateful. Janice & Axel Von Rappard

Janice V. | Aug 25, 2022

Good experience

James D. | Aug 17, 2022

Dr. Swarup is my hero! He has helped me with many health issues, some not within the scope of cardiology. He's a great listener. He has an excepiional resume and is a master in his specialty. Thank you Dr. Swarup. Greta Jennewein

Greta J. | Aug 17, 2022

Very friendly ,through and professional.

Benjamin H. | Aug 16, 2022

You saved my life

Jesse A. | Aug 16, 2022

It was very direct to and informative. Everyone is friendly and my questions are answered .

Heidi K. | Aug 16, 2022

Thanks for the care and information.

Joseph P. | Aug 16, 2022

Caring, professional and very thorough. Just a great doctor.

Paul S. | Aug 15, 2022

She was very nice

Jami M. | Aug 14, 2022

I appreciated having a very early appointment on a Saturday. I felt reassured that my symptoms are seemingly benign. I would like more information regarding the ultrasound findings and the ecmo results, once they are available. I would like the doctor or MA to go over the results with me rather than just quickly glance at them and then tell me everything is fine.

Tracy M. | Aug 14, 2022

Fantastic really liked Dr. and staff

Ray G. | Aug 14, 2022

Dr Swarup listened and made a good recommendation. I really appreciate his help.

Vickie B. | Aug 14, 2022

All questions answered. Very satisfied.

Charles D. | Aug 14, 2022

Spent enough time with us even though he was running behind

Daryl C. | Aug 14, 2022

From the moment we enter till we left all 3 staff members & the Dr. treated us exactly like we would want to be treated- with kindness, patience, and knowledge! Probably one of the best experiences in a medical office ever! Even the technical person that talked to us on the computer was amazing & she was able to get insurance approval for recommended tests while we were in the exam room. Super impressed! Service was above & beyond! Thank you all!

Lena S. | Aug 14, 2022

It was a great customer experience visiting with Dr. Zoltowska. It was my first visit with her and she genuinely seemed interested in caring for my cardio needs.

Chuck E. | Aug 13, 2022

Great very professional doctor he explains it all

Bruce K. | Aug 13, 2022


William M. | Aug 13, 2022

Dr Dominika. Was very friendly and thorough

Chris B. | Aug 13, 2022


Jaime F. | Aug 13, 2022

Great experience, no longer a wait to see the doctor.

Troy A. | Aug 13, 2022

Everything was perfect.

Stephen H. | Aug 12, 2022

Very good and she was very helpful. Everyone in the office was very polite. Christian made me feel very relaxed

Debra M. | Aug 12, 2022

The entire staff is so attentive. From the girls at the chk in desk to the medical assistants. Nicole is a Rock Star !

Jeffery S. | Aug 12, 2022

Very good

Harold B. | Aug 12, 2022

On time nice looking Dr. Gave new ideas

Judy C. | Aug 11, 2022

As usual the service,care and explanation as to what is going to be done is a10.

Stuart M. | Aug 11, 2022


Daniel G. | Aug 11, 2022


Mike N. | Aug 10, 2022


Mackenzie K. | Aug 10, 2022

Excellent Doctor really cares about his patients.

Luciano S. | Aug 10, 2022

Excellent the best

Emilio Y. | Aug 10, 2022

Doctor is thoughtful and patient.

Joe H. | Aug 10, 2022

Dr. Thihalolipavan was very through and did a great job explaining his diagnosis and the steps we will need to take in the future. Listened to me and took the time to understand my concerns throughout our visit.

Paul C. | Aug 09, 2022

My experience is great Clinic is always efficient in on time same as the doctor and nurse

Veronica G. | Aug 09, 2022

In my 75 years, I have never seen a doctor that goes out of their way so much to make sure that you are well taken care of! He listens to you! He ask if you have any questions! He explains everything very well! He is really concerned, like you were part of his immediate family! I would give him 100 stars if I could!

William W. | Aug 09, 2022

Always excellent care. At times things run a little behind, but this practice and all the practitioners take the necessary time With each and every patient to Answer questions and explain tests results etc.

John K. | Aug 09, 2022

Had to wait for 45 minutes, but Dr Swarup is thorough and takes his time with his patients

Cassie W. | Aug 09, 2022

He has excellent bedside manners. He is a great doctor

Michelle S. | Aug 09, 2022

Explains care thoroughly.

Larry L. | Aug 09, 2022

It was very helpful. Dr. Z was reassuring and informative. She's a general cardiologist which is who I was looking for. No waiting this time. Yay!

Barbara B. | Aug 09, 2022

The Dr always makes time to listen to my questions and make good suggestion

Rebecca F. | Aug 08, 2022

Had to wait almost 2 hours after appointment time to see doctor. Visit itself was good. Wait was NOT.

David H. | Aug 08, 2022

Bet attentive to my medical condition and source of treatments

Vincent B. | Aug 08, 2022

Other than the long-ish wait which I completely understand being a new patient, I was very happy about my experience with Dr. Swarup and staff. Everyone was so kind and I never felt rushed. Dr. Swarup explained everything to me and I was satisfied with my treatment.

Richard B. | Aug 08, 2022

Dr T listened to my concerns and the history I had. He made me feel validated in the issues I felt I had been having for the last several years and offered a way to hopefully fix this issue.

Jeremiah S. | Aug 08, 2022

A followup appointment to discuss results of two ultrasound procedures. Could have easily been done via telephone facetime call, because the tests showed all normal, nothing problematic.

Larry K. | Aug 07, 2022

Professional a doctor you trust highly educated kind and listens

Ruth H. | Aug 07, 2022

It was a phone call but he answered my questions

Diana E. | Aug 07, 2022

He was very informative he explained things to where I can understand them and he had a good attitude and he was easy to talk with

Benjiman R. | Aug 06, 2022

Dr. Swarup is an amazing doctor. He listens to your needs and most importantly tries to get his patients off medication that they are on. He has his patients best interest at heart and I trust him 100% with my health care.

Charles L. | Aug 06, 2022

Communication with Dr Swarup was very good and answered all of our questions.

Pieter V. | Aug 06, 2022

Dr. Thihalolopavan really put me at ease!

Lesley M. | Aug 06, 2022

He was really concern about my lab work

Ilda P. | Aug 05, 2022

Really nice experience

Jason M. | Aug 05, 2022

Great customer service

Jeanette A. | Aug 05, 2022

Excellent doctor!

John T. | Aug 05, 2022

I experienced some unusual sensations in my neck on afternoon of August 1, and called Prescott Heart. Terry scheduled me for August 3 with Dr. T. Pacemaker device tech Whitney spent extra time trying to analyze some data from my pacemaker, and conferred with Dr. T. He also analyzed the data, and recommended follow-up soon. Lots of high-quality patient care. Much appreciated.

John W. | Aug 05, 2022

The staff was outstanding, especially my nurse !

Rosanne F. | Aug 05, 2022

Entire staff was excellent

Andrew G. | Aug 05, 2022

Every effort was made me feel comfortable and WARM! Great team. My thanks to all!

Sara J. | Aug 05, 2022

I found everyone I dealt with in that business very kind very respectful and very knowledgeable

Lea M. | Aug 04, 2022

Good. We just didn’t cover one of the issues I was having . Swelling of both feet over last 6 weeks. Also i had a problem with the patch that was placed yesterday to monitor my heart. It had been placed upside down according to the customer support this AM. I removed it to place it the correct way but my skin was so irritated due to the adhesive which i am allergic to that I realized I would need the lead wire method for monitoring rather than the patch. Not all adhesives bother me but this is causing a rash. I called today for more instruction but it was lunch hr.

Jane H. | Aug 04, 2022

Dr Swarup is very professional and we appreciate him and the people who help so much. Thank you

Thomas W. | Aug 04, 2022

Very congenial

George D. | Aug 04, 2022

Awesome docs the best... love him

Sharon B. | Aug 04, 2022

Dr Swarup is the best and his staff are always very helpful and Dr Swarup did my Defibrillator in 2015 and he is the best at what he does I highly recommend him as your cardiologist I have referred 2 of my friends to his office

Peter F. | Aug 04, 2022

Very professional, extremely smart, kind and caring. Love him

Charles B. | Aug 04, 2022

Unlike any other experience with a cardiologist before. Very thorough and Dr.T took time to explain and answer my questions. Looking forward to my next visits!

Carolyn J. | Aug 04, 2022

Well presented low key Dr T and as great

Richard C. | Aug 03, 2022

Dr Swarup was caring and explained my issue in layman terms! Office was a bit backed up. Drove from Prescott to Phoenix and sat for at least an hour. I guess that shows how good of a doc he is.

Carla L. | Aug 03, 2022

Very professional and caring from start to finish.

Peter T. | Aug 03, 2022

despite the technical prep of patient i heard the physician in control and he gave me confidence about the procedure ordered. you helped me push through to achieve the result you wanted. thank you

Christine D. | Aug 03, 2022

The front office is less than super efficient, and It was not really critical that I be there for him to tell me all of my results were good, could of been done with zoom.

James L. | Aug 03, 2022

DrT explained what I need done he answered all my questions he was very helpful

William W. | Aug 03, 2022

Incredible staff very efficient

Thomas D. | Aug 02, 2022

It was an enjoyable event. Everyone was pleasant. Courteous and polite. Activities and staff were very efficient and professional. Highly recommend this Heart Hospital!!!!! Major G

William G. | Aug 02, 2022

Quick, caring and to the point about my condition

Harrison L. | Aug 02, 2022

Even though he was running late he took the time behind he took the time to talk with me

Janis L. | Aug 02, 2022

I would like the dr and his staff to act like they know things about me as a person no after 3 years together. This can be done through all kinds of computer program and apps. It would make the patient feel better about the Fr and the experience.

Randi K. | Aug 02, 2022

He explains everything so you understand. Always asks if you have any questions and gives you straight answers

Arby N. | Aug 01, 2022

Dr. T and Dr.Swarup are two of the best Cardiologists in the country. They saved my life and a friends life

Vicki M. | Aug 01, 2022

I received excellent care, however my family felt they were not given updates in a timely manner. My daughter was not allowed to attend the after care instruction since my husband has memory issues especially when it is medical. I was still groggy when instructions were given

Mary S. | Jul 31, 2022

Tough 2 entry points into femoral artery, lots of internal bleeding, including into genitals. I had 7 PVCs my bad, only able to get to 2. Suffering from heart racing and afib. Hoping to heal and become stronger. Staff is excellent. Communication and individual knowledge, outstanding.

Kenneth A. | Jul 30, 2022

5 star

John K. | Jul 30, 2022

Dr. Swarup made me feel so comfortable and at ease with the plans we set up for my health. I’m so grateful to have a doctor who listens and is professional because it can be so hard to find someone like that nowadays. I believe he really takes pride in his work.

Rebekah R. | Jul 30, 2022

Great patient care and encouragement to keep working hard to maintain and improve my health.

Francis S. | Jul 30, 2022

Dr Swarup is very knowledgeable and precise. I don’t enjoy waiting 45 minutes for a 10 minute talk. My time is important also.

Nancy F. | Jul 30, 2022

I had 2 procedures that has drastically changed my heart rhythm. I was in A fib most of the time. Now it's a few times a day.

Diana E. | Jul 30, 2022

Dr. Was very nice and seemed very interest in helping.

Robert P. | Jul 30, 2022

Thorough and accurate

Thomas P. | Jul 30, 2022

Dr. Swarup is an excellent Cardiologist. He knows exactly what he is doing and makes on point diagnosis.

Sudha R. | Jul 30, 2022

He’s professional Dr and he is treating his clients very nice also he care about all his patients

Yehia H. | Jul 29, 2022

Answered my questions and addressed my concerns. Gave me health clearance for an up coming procedure.

Marice S. | Jul 29, 2022

Dr. T advised me as to whether I should take anti rhythmic drugs or have an ablation for my fib

Paula F. | Jul 29, 2022

Thumbs up, great staff!

Eleanor M. | Jul 29, 2022

The fact that I had a scheduled appointment for 11:00am for my procedure. I arrived 45 minutes before arrival due time of 10:30 and my my procedure was not performed until 1:10pm. However the procedure, care and treatments along with the personnel involved were excellant.. Thank you.

Doug M. | Jul 28, 2022

Wonderful bedside manners, a good listener, all together a had a great experience

Belle C. | Jul 28, 2022

This was only my first visit and he seems to be a good doctor. I will have better feedback as i continue seeing him.

Thomas F. | Jul 28, 2022

Always a pleasant experience.

Nancy C. | Jul 28, 2022
 4.82105 stars / 285 reviews