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Very pleasant.

Patricia S. | Sep 25, 2022

I was in room #8 waiting one hour for Dr to see me. He asked me how I felt, I replied “terrible”! He should check my history before coming in. He didn’t seem aware an ablation was done to me or a heart shock. He looked at my chart. Probably first time anyone had looked at it. It showed many 29 pulses per minute which in my opinion some action should have been taken. Instead he started trying to sell me on a pacemaker.

Albert M. | Sep 24, 2022

Phil Hansen | Sep 24, 2022

Nancy Rapp | Sep 23, 2022

Joyce Evans` | Sep 23, 2022

My telephone call to him was responded to in a timely and professional manner. He was able to understand the issue and resolve my problem immediately.

Shirley Reid | Sep 21, 2022

Both myself and spouse are patients. We both enjoy excellent care with questions answered, improvements in daily function, and always positive staff attitudes.

Babs Arno | Sep 21, 2022

Very pleasant

Paul U. | Sep 21, 2022

Everything was great until the end when no one told me the zoom meeting was over.

Robert Consoni | Sep 20, 2022

Very professional

James S. | Sep 20, 2022

Very satisfying!

John J M. | Sep 18, 2022

Judi Murphy | Sep 17, 2022

Very detailed and open and knowledgeable.

Ann Baum | Sep 17, 2022

Outstanding EP doctor

Gary T. | Sep 17, 2022


Claire W. | Sep 16, 2022
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