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Arizona Brain and Heart Symposium

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Course Goal

A collaboration of Barrow Neurological Institute and Arizona Heart Rhythm Center, the 2022 Brain-Heart Symposium aims to give an overview of the current state of the art scientific knowledge in neurocardiology. The meeting will consist of a hybrid format, with live guests and speakers, as well as a web-based format for attendees and speakers who will join the meeting virtually. Reuniting speakers specialized in neurology, interventional cardiology and electrophysiology, and cardiac surgery, morning and afternoon sessions will consist of plenary lectures and debates, as well as live interventional cardiology sessions.

Course Learning Objectives

- Define the common conditions of brain-heart related disorders such as stroke,  seizure, encephalopathy, arrhythmia
- Cite the updated recommendation on the diagnostic work up of the above-mentioned conditions 
- Manage medically in terms of stroke prevention, arrhythmia control, and seizure control 
- Explain the options in interventional treatment of cardiac arrhythmia, rhythm control, and stroke prevention

Registration Information

In-person Physician Admission with CME Credits$100.00
Virtual Physician Admission with CME Credits$90.00
Virtual and In-Person Nurses Admission with CNE CreditsFree
Virtual General Admission (No CME)Free
In-Person General Admission (No CME)Free

Registration fee includes: Symposium, program materials, and continuing education credits.

Refund and cancellation policy: Arizona Heart Rhythm Center reserves the right to cancel or change the program for due causes. Cancellation of this program by Arizona Heart Rhythm Center or by the participant before October 10th will result in a full refund of tuition.

Continuing Medical Education Credit Information

- Nurse CNE Approved
- Physicians CME Approved

CommonSpirit CNE Administration is accredited as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. To successfully obtain CNEs for this activity, the learner must: miss no more than 10 minutes and complete a post-conference evaluation.

Speaker Information

All times refer to Arizona time

Day 1 – Friday, October 21 – Registration and Vendor Exhibit1:00 PM
David Wang, DO, FAAN, FAHA
Vijendra Swarup, MD, FACC, FHRS
Robert Lemery, MD
Welcome and Introductions to Brain-Heart (1:25 PM)
David Wang, DO, FAAN, FAHABrain Health 2022 (1:30 PM)
Vijendra Swarup, MD, FACC, FHRSCardiology and Cardiac Electrophysiology in 2022 (1:40 PM)
Robert Lemery, MDBrain-Heart: Brief Historical Perspectives and New Frontiers (1:50 PM)
Moderators: David Wang, DO; Vijendra Swarup, MD; Robert Lemery, MDSession I: Autonomic Neuromodulation to Treat Cardiac Arrhythmias
Roderick Tung, MDCardio Neural Ablation for Vasovagal Syncope (2:00 PM)
Vivek Reddy, MD (Online Speaker)Renal Denervation for the Treatment of Hypertension and Atrial Fibrillation (2:20 PM)
Keynote Speaker: Kalyanam Shivkumar, MD (Online Speaker)Cardiac Sympathetic Denervation for the treatment of VT (2:40 PM)
All Moderators and PanelistsPanel Discussion and Q&A (3:00 PM)
Coffee Break3:15 PM
Moderators: Vivek Reddy, MD, Hursh Naik, MD, Robert Lemery, MD, David Wang, DO, Vijendra Swarup, MDSession II: LIVE CASES Interventional Cardiology and Stroke Prevention
Hursh Naik, MDPFO Closure (3:45 PM)
Vijendra Swarup, MD, FACC, FHRSLAA Occlusion (4:00 PM)
All Moderators and PanelistsPanel Discussion and Q&A (4:15 PM)
Moderators: David Wang, DO; Vijendra Swarup, MD; Robert Lemery, MDSession III: Neuro Toxins
Brad Racette, MDThe Impact of Air Pollution on Brain and Heart Health (4:30 PM)
All Moderators and PanelistsPanel Discussion and Q&A (4:50 PM)
Adjourn5:00 PM
Drinks, Cocktails, Dinner
Location TBD
6:00 PM
Day 2 – Saturday, October 22 – Light Breakfast and Coffee8:00 AM
Moderators: David Wang, DO, Robert Lemery, MD, Vijendra Swarup, MDSession IV: An Introduction to Heart-Brain Interactions (8:30 AM)
Justin Hoskin, MDThe Brain’s in Charge: Basic Understanding of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System (8:30 AM)
Robert Lemery, MDThe Heart’s in Charge: The Concept of the Little Brain on the Heart: The Intrinsic Cardiac Nervous System (ICNS)(8:45 AM)
Terry Fife, MDAutonomic Imbalance and Dysautonomias: Primary Neurologic Disorders Affecting Day-to-Day Regulation of Blood Pressure (9:00 AM)
Sudarone Thihalolipavan, MDCardiac Syncope: Primary Cardiac Causes of Loss of Conscience: Bradycardia, Tachycardia and Other (9:15 AM)
All Moderators and PanelistsPanel and Q&A (9:30 AM)
Coffee Break9:45 AM
Moderators: Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy, MD, Sabil Kar, MD, Robert Lemery, MD, Sudarone Thihalolipavan, MDSession V: Live Cases (1 Live and 1 Pre-Recorded) from the Arizona Heart Rhythm Center
Vijendra Swarup, MD, FACC, FHRS
Sudarone Thihalolipavan, MD
Live from the EP Lab – Introduction of Patient Cases (10:00 AM)
Keynote Speaker: M. Edip Gurol, MD, MScIndividualized Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation: The Crossroads of Neurology and Cardiology (10:20)
Sabil Kar, MDThe Role of MitraClip in the Treatment of Mitral Regurgitation in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation. (10:40 AM)
Vijendra Swarup, MD, Sudarone Thihalolipavan, MDLive from the EP Lab. Progress of Clinical Cases Being Performed (11:00 AM)
Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy, MDAblation of Atrial Fibrillation: Realistic Expectations for the Referring Physician (11:20 AM)
All Moderators and PanelistsLive from the EP Lab. Wrap-Up and Patient Outcomes (11:40 AM)
Lunch / Vendor Exhibits / Session Broadcast in Sonntag Pavilion12:00 PM
Gali Gannett, PALoop Recorder / Implants (12:15 PM)
Richard FosterThe Magic of Transcranial Doppler (12:30 PM)
Andrew Kalkowski, RNMobile Stroke Unit’s Case Study (12:45 PM)
Moderators: David Wang, DO, Robert Lemery, MD, Vijendra Swarup, MDSession VI: Stroke Therapies and Prevention
Daniel Gonzalez, MDAntithrombotics for stroke prevention, what are the current guidelines? (1:00 PM)
Supreet Kaur, MDEmbolic stroke of unknown source, how do we manage? (1:15 PM)
Andrew Ducruet, MDInterventional Neuroradiology, what can endovascular therapy do? (1:30 PM)
All Moderators and PanelistsPanel Discussion, Q&A (1:45 PM)
Coffee Break2:00 PM
Moderators: Moderators: Pallavi Bellamkonda MD, David Wang, DO, Vijendra Swarup, MD, Robert Lemery, MDSession VII: Covid-19, CHF and Autonomic Regulation
Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy, MDCovid-19, Autonomics and Long Covid (2:15 PM)
Rajakrishnan Vijayakrishnan, MDNeuro Humoral Treatment of CHF (2:30 PM)
Kevin Brady, MDLVAD, Other Bridge to Permanent Devices and Cardiac Transplantation (2:45PM)
All Moderators and PanelistsPanel Discussion, Q&A (3:00 PM)
David Wang, DO; Vijendra Swarup, MD; Robert Lemery MDMeeting Overview and Conclusions of Brain-Heart 2022 (3:15 PM)
Adjourn3:30 PM

Course Directors

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Commercial Promotion

Barrow Neurological Institute wishes to recognize and thank the following company for its monetary and commercial support.

- Boston Scientific (Education Grant)
- Boston Scientific (Platinum)
- Alexion Pharmaceuticals Andexxa AstraZeneca Brillanta Pharmaceutical (Gold)
- MedTronic – CRDM and Diagnostics (Silver)
- Abbott (Bronze)
- Frazer (Bronze)
- V-Wave (Bronze)

Exhibitors and Sponsors

Barrow Neurological Institute wishes to recognize and thank the following companies for their commercial promotion of this educational activity.

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