Azhrc’s Advantage Care Program

Advantage Care Program

Better communication with your personalized health team. Speak with your care coordinator from the comfort  of your own home

Ask health questions and get swift responses from your care team. Our dedicated care coordinators will be available to answer your common health-related questions

Talk to us directly via phone, our web portal, or our secure texting app. Our dedicated Advantage phone number ensures that your care team will receive your message

Personal care coordinator

Care-line dedicated phone number

Comprehensive Complimentary Cardiac Genetic Testing for Personalized Care

Priority appointments and surgery scheduling

State-of-the-art mobile health monitoring of EKG, Blood Pressure and Weight

Convenient Tele Medicine Visits when needed

Tailored wellness plan with one-on-one support

Comprehensive monthly and annual reviews of your health


Program costs $59 per month, however is covered by Medicare. Please ask for more information.

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How do I enroll in the AZHRC Advantage Program?

Patients should call or come into the office for assistance with enrollment. Interested patients will just need to sign a form consenting to participate.

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Will Medicare and supplemental insurance cover the AZHRC Advantage Program?

Yes! Medicare is encouraging the management of chronic conditions through a program like this.
For patients that have Medicare and supplemental insurance, these services are covered at 100%.

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What should I expect once I am enrolled in the AZHRC Advantage Program?

As a participant in the AZHRC Advantage Program, you are assigned a Personal Care Coordinator (PCC) for more individualized care. Your PCC will then :

  • Create and share a tailored Care Plan to help guide you on how to best manage your health in-between your visits.
  • Send you text messages per week as general check-ins to help you best manage your health and chronic conditions over time.
  • Call you to discuss more sensitive health information such as cardiac device remote monitoring results, medication schedules, and compliance, etc.
  • Will Coordinate your clinic and telehealth appointments, medication refills, and specialty referrals.

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What does the AZHRC Advantage Program require of you, the patient?

The AZHRC Advantage Program requires nothing from you other than your engagement and response. We will be taking the time to help you best manage your health in-between your visits, so your response and engagement are both required and appreciated.

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How Do I contact Advantage Program Coordinator?

Advantage Care Program

(602) 975 3833

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