Our team is ready to provide quality patient care during this time of national pandemic via Telemedicine.  All of our providers are working day and night to accommodate your healthcare needs.


If your telemedicine visit is coming up, let us help you setup:
Click on the link below to download Zoom app:

If you are using a computer, you can test your audio/video settings during the meeting by clicking the arrow next to the mute/unmute  icon and selecting audio options.

Click Test Speaker to play a test tone.

If you cannot hear the test tone, select a different speaker from the menu or adjust the volume

Next, in the microphone section, click test microphone. your audio will start recording. Click recording when you are done and it will play back.
you can select another microphone from the menu or adjust the input level.

Your appointment window will be approximately 2 hours.


However, we will text you 15 minutes before we are ready for your appointment, so you can be prepared.
You can expect your appointment to last about 15-20 minutes.
Make sure you have a list of your questions for the provider ready. It is also suggested you have the list of your medications and any medications you need refills on.
If you have a blood pressure cuff, please check your blood pressure in order to share it with your provider.

Once you get the ready text from us, it will include a link to the video meeting. Please click on the link, then when prompted, click “join with video.” You will then be put in a waiting room and will be promptly admitted by the provider to start the meeting.

Once in the meeting, if you cannot hear us, please tap on​ the screen. Audio controls will appear on the bottom left of the screen (Icon: headphones with a green up arrow). Click on the icon and choose “call using internet audio.”
If you need medication refills, these will be sent to your pharmacy electronically. We are doing everything we can to keep you safe and healthy during this difficult time. Please let us know how we can help you.


For more information on how to prepare and what to expect for an eVisit with our clinicians, click through the links below:


Preparing for your appointment

Installing Zoom

What to expect at your appointment



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