External Looping Monitor

Preparation for External Loop Monitor Study

We will arrange to apply your monitor either at the hospital, in his office or the monitor may be mailed to your home with detailed instructions. You won’t need to do anything to prepare, however it’s a good idea to wear a blouse or shirt that fits loosely and buttons in the front.

Several electrodes (small, sticky pads) will be placed on your chest and connected by wires to the recorder. The staff will check the system before you leave to make sure it’s working propdf2perly. You’ll be given exact instructions about what you need to do in order to make this Loop monitoring accurate and worthwhile. If you have any questions about the monitor itself or about what you’re supposed to do, be sure to ask before you leave with your monitor.


During the period you are wearing the monitor, you should follow your usual daily routine. You’ll be an important part of the monitoring study because-you’ll be recording any symptoms that you are experiencing and activating the monitor. Each time you have a symptom, you will make a recording using the monitor and send it to the monitoring company over the phone. The monitoring company will contact your electrophysiologist with the electrocardiogram and report.

Your Results

At the end of the 2-4 week period, our electrophysiologist will gather a report from all the recordings sent to the monitoring company. The electrophysiologist will then submit a written report to your personal physician/cardiologist. The results and their implications to you will be explained on your follow up visit.

Health Maintenance

Regardless of the results of your study and the course of treatment your physician recommends, you play an important role in staying healthy. Be sure to keep all appointments for exams and follow-up tests. Follow your instructions, don’t hesitate to talk about your concerns, and immediately report any new symptoms.
As always, if you have any questions about your health, be sure to ask your physician.

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