Mid-Level Providers

Kayla Gutierrez

Kayla GutierrezPhysician Assistant

Arizona Heart Rhythm Center's Physician Assistant

Cardiac Technicians

Angel Grijalva

Angel GrijalvaUltrasound Technician

Angel is AZ Heart Rhythm Center's Echo Sonographer.

Shirley Khun

Shirley KhunDevice Technician

Shirley is AZ Heart Rhythm's Cardiac Device Technician.

Medical Assistants

Audrey Gadaree

Audrey GadareeMedical Assistant

Audrey graduated from Pima Medical Institute with a Medical Assistant Certification. She works in both our front and back office greeting patients, answering phone calls, preparing medical records, prescription refills, setting up monitors and performing EKGs.

Clinical Coordinators

Katherine LeFiles

Katherine LeFilesClinical Coordinator

Curtis Lunt

Curtis LuntClinical Coordinator


Dulce Arguelles

Dulce ArguellesFront Office Coordinator / Medical Assistant

Dulce is AZ Heart Rhythm Center's Front Office Coordinator and Medical Assistant.


Amitha Panikkar

Amitha PanikkarClinical Research Coordinator

Amitha is Arizona Heart Rhythm Center's Research Team Lead. Amitha coordinates many of our cardiac rhythm and interventional cardiology trials.

Information Technology

Parris Rambaille

Parris RambailleIT Specialist

Parris is our Information Specialist and Property Manager. He takes care of all of the equipment in the office and ensures the clinics function at their best.


Vera Aguayo

Vera AguayoPractice Manager

Sophie Raymond

Sophie RaymondDirector of Operations

Sophie is Arizona Heart Rhythm Center's Director of Operations. She earned her master's degree in Biomedical Diagnostics from Arizona State University.