Medical Scribe

Arizona Heart Rhythm Center is a large clinical electrophysiology practice in Phoenix looking for candidates who are eager to gain valuable experience, working closely with physicians, as a Medical Scribe. Our Scribes work directly with the physicians to effectively and efficiently compile detailed electronic medical records/patient charts. Scribing provides incredible exposure to the medical field and will allow you to develop an extensive medical knowledge base, and on the job experience. This position is ideal for students and alumni looking to get into medical school or who plan to work in the medical field. 

o Accompany physician while seeing patients and assist in recording patient history and physical,diagnoses, treatment plans, and prescriptions
o Organize all of patient’s laboratory tests, medications, imaging studies, and transcribe the results of the encounter into the patient’s electronic medical record.
o Document all procedures completed and record all diagnostic test results.
Must be able to multitask and learn quickly.
o Mature and professional demeanor and excellent communication skills are required.
o Demonstrate a high level of maturity and possess strong interpersonal & organizational skills.
To apply for this position email your resume to
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