Arizona’s heart failure research findings presented at American College of Cardiology National Conference

PHOENIX (March 16, 2015) – Research study findings about treating severe heart failure were presented at American College of Cardiology 2015 Featured Clinical Research Session on Monday, March 16th in San Diego, CA. Dr. Vijay Swarup, cardiac electrophysiologist and Director of Arizona Heart Rhythm Center, is the principal investigator for HOPE4HF heart failure study which began in 2012.   Dr Swarup said, “Once these results of our study are confirmed in a larger pivotal trial, baroreflex-activation therapy is likely be become an important therapeutic option for our heart-failure patients.” The study was simultaneously published in JACC Heart Failure Journal.

“This multicenter heart failure study showed that baroreflex-activation therapy is safe and significantly improves NYHA class, quality of life, exercise capacity, N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide [NT-proBNP] levels, and possibly the burden of heart-failure hospitalizations in NYHA class 3 heart-failure patients with a reduced left ventricular ejection fraction”, said Dr. Swarup.

Arizona Heart Rhythm Center has had the most patients participate in this CVRx Heart Failure study in the United States and globally, according to Amy Jo Erickson, CVRx senior clinical data associate.

“According to the Center for Disease Control, about 5.1 million American adults have congestive heart. One in 9 deaths include heart failure as contributing cause. About half of people who develop heart failure die within 5 years of diagnosis. Heart failure costs the nation an estimated $32 billion each year. This total includes the cost of health care services, medications to treat heart failure, and missed days of work.

This heart failure study is one of several clinical studies being conducted at Arizona Heart Rhythm Center. AZHRC is at the forefront of identifying innovative solutions to treat Heart Rhythm and other heart Disorders

About Arizona Heart Rhythm Center

The Arizona Heart Rhythm Center is among the world’s leading diagnostic and treatment center for patients with all types of heart rhythm conditions, including atrial fibrillation. Dr. Vijay Swarup, MD, FACC, FHRS, has been at the forefront of Heart Rhythm and clinic research. For more Information about Electrophysiology Services at the Arizona Heart Rhythm Center visit or call 602-456-2342.

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